As one of my previous posts mentioned, this past Spring brought a lot of changes to our local SLC yoga community. Prana Yoga (where I also was teaching) closed and merged with Centered City Yoga.  The Station Park Prana Yoga Studio became a Centered City Yoga Studio. Lots of teachers in town were making decisions about where they were going to teach. I chose to expand my teaching back into pilates.

And yet again, there is more news for Salt Lake yogis! CorePower Yoga is opening our third studio location in September! And the best part (for me) is that the new location is at Trolley Square in the old Prana Yoga space! The old Prana space is gorgeous, with white walls, floor to ceiling windows, and awesome floors. CPY is doing some minor renovations to make it our own, but a lot of it will stay the same. Having taught in that space for 10 months, I feel comfortable there and really enjoy the energy. It is funny how life works out… Plus, the studio is right next to Whole Foods and Lululemon- we will be having lots of fun collaborating events with these two retailers.

I will be adding several classes to my schedule at the CPY Trolley Square location, so keep your eyes open for announcements about the studio opening!