Are you a yoga teacher looking to take your career to the next level?


Jessica has years of experience teaching yoga and navigating the ins and outs of the yoga industry, and wants to help you create a successful and sustainable yoga career! From business strategy to content creation to photo shoot styling, Jessica has you covered.  Draw on her expertise to help you build the brand of your dreams and to share your passion, and do so in a way that is professional and creates an inspirational call-to-action for you clients. Jessica can help you consolidate your message, clarify your offerings, and set quantitative goals to set you and your brand on the fast track to success.

When you work with Jessica, you get the chance to ask the questions that maybe you didn’t even know you had while in teacher training. During mentoring sessions, utilize Jessica’s broad knowledge of yoga companies, festivals, teachers, schools, job forums, opportunities, and more, to create a customized game plan for your individual goals and dreams.

 Jessica offers personalized 1-on-1 training to help you deepen your skills as a teacher, and to navigate the yoga industry. Here is a sample list of her mentoring offerings:

 –  Goal setting. What is your goal as a yoga teacher- how to flush out and streamline your vision to create tangible results

 –  Practice teach and receive feedback from Jessica on suggestions to become a more powerful teacher (language, sequencing, theming, music)

 –  Mock auditions for studio jobs (teaching, how to present yourself, what to wear, what to bring, questions to ask a potential employer)

 –  Marketing advice. How to brand, content recommendations, message development, social media channels

 –  Non-studio jobs. Mentoring on teaching at festivals, setting up workshops, and retreats.

 –  Networking plans. Where do you want to direct your energy to create mutually beneficial professional relationships? (Writing, volunteering, instagram challenges)

 – Paperwork. Getting insurance, keeping track of teaching hours, CPR certifications, drafting bios, LLC vs Sole Proprietorship

 – Yoga Photo Shoots. Get help choosing outfits, locations, photographers and poses to ensure a successful and dynamic photoshoot. Day-of  photo shoot help with alignment, postures, and general assisting

 – Ambassadorships. How they work, and how to participate

*Many of these services can be offered via Zoom, so distance-sessions are available!