I am inspired to live a life that is slow, intentional, and influenced by Ayurveda and the rhythms of nature. Join my holistic lifestyle journey to learn more about living a life of beauty, sustainability, and wellness.
My blog is your go-to source for intentional living, clean beauty, wellness rituals, and a healthy home. Here you can find recommendations, tips, practices, recipes, and educational information about how to up-level your lifestyle to be more organic, natural, and sustainable.

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I am driven to live a life that is as natural, organic, and sustainable as possible. This means being intentional and conscious in every area of live, giving thoughtful consideration to what I put on my body, in my body, and in my home in order to minimize toxic overload and reduce exposure to harmful chemicals. When we live a life of passion, in alignment with the rhythms of nature, we find our purpose. Living in alignment with nature means we are intentional in all areas of our life, and care about the environmental impact of our choices. How can we up-level our life to live more sustainably, organically, and naturally? 



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"Jessica Winderl's book is a true gift for everyone on their healing journey. She presents the elaborate concepts of the oldest health healing modality in a beautiful and accessible way that makes them easy to digest. This is the book I wish had when I first started learning about Ayurveda"

- Mila ducheva, natural skin care founder

"Jessica has so much knowledge about yoga, ayurveda, and living a natural lifestyle, and she shares it in such a warm way. So inspiring!"

sarah f.


"I love to learn from Jessica, she is one of the best teachers I have ever met!"

Camilla b.


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